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Been AssJacked? Probably!

"Assjack" is a term about being screwed over, and you either “get it”, or you don’t. For those of us that “get it” the term can be a funny statement about so many things, whether you take it literally, or figuratively you can’t help but love it!

Our philosophy is that there are two ways of being assjacked. A very literal term which needs little explanation, and a figurative term which has a much broader meaning. It is our belief, that unless you were born, raised and remain under a rock, the latter of the two assjacking has happened to you at some point or another in your life.

To be more precise, we feel it necessary to explain to you, our definitions on both assjacked events. To be assjacked literally can happen when two consenting adults are in the heat of the moment, and OOPS!!! - You’ve just been assjacked. (Women can especially relate to this type of assjacked, because we are usually the ones on the receiving end of the mishap). Although for the women, there is a suspicion always, that the assjacking was NO accident!

The other way of being assjacked can be between any two persons, business’ or entities. This type off assjacking can occur when you have been bent over, screwed and forced to take it without asking for, or giving your consent to the act. This kind of assjacking can occur anytime, anyplace, or anywhere and is usually when you least expect it, or want it. The list of people that can, will, and have ass-jacked you is endless. But let us give you a few of our favorite examples: your bank, your boss, your company (or former company) your neighbor, your ex-wife/husband and their attorneys, every time you put gas in your car, or as we like to put it "assjacked at the pump"! We think you get our point, the possibilities are truly endless!!

We would like to extend to you, our condolences (if you didn’t like it) or a congratulations (if you did) to all of you who at one time or another have been ASSJACKED!!! We created as a place for all of us out there who have been AssJacked to come, blog, share pics, share stories, and purchase a piece of AssJacked merchandise to show the rest of the world. Especially the bastard that AssJacked ya!! Good luck, and best wishes for a fun filled assjack free (or not) future.

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